Cxbx Binary Download

Note: Before downloading, you must understand that this is free software, and no warranty is provided. This software does not play stolen Xbox games, and that is not the intent. Do not email the authors asking questions concerning when games will be supported, and do not email asking how you can find games! Your email will be deleted, you'll look like an idiot, and you will be wasting both of our time. Other than that, your comments are welcome! ;)

Win2000/XP Download : Cxbx : Cxbx* : changelog.txt

* The trace build contains additional debugging information, useful for finding the cause of crashes, analyzing Xbox Games, etc.

Cxbx Source Code Download

Note: This source code is released under the GNU Public License. Information relating to this license can be found inside of the source code archive. Guess what? You are free to contribute to this project in any way you can! The wonder of open source software is total freedom of contribution. Is there a really cool feature you'd like to see in Cxbx? Download the source code, get your feature working, and then shoot an email off to the authors and we will see about making it an official part of the code!

MSVC 6.0 and .NET Project : Cxbx

Cxbx Samples Download

Demos that are runnable under Cxbx were developed using the Microsoft XDK. This tool is not freely distributed, and it is not legal for me to put the compiled binaries up for download. To locate these files, you need to familiarize yourself with irc. The channel #xbins on Efnet is the prime location for these files. :

Retail Xbox Games Download

Don't you dare even ask me! The Cxbx authors do not condone piracy. You are not going to get any help from us in locating your stolen merchandise. When Cxbx is capable of playing retail games, a hacked PC firmware or a modded xbox (to transfer the binaries from Xbox to PC temporarily) is necessary. Game programmers do some amazing work, give them the cash they deserve and buy your games legally. There is a difference between warez monkeys and computer scientists, guess which one I'd prefer to be called?

Retail Xbox Games :