The Cxbx Developers :: Caustik

Cxbx was created some time in the early 3rd millenium A.D. by a guy who goes by the nick Caustik. He enjoys long walks on the beach, rollerblading, sand volleyball, piano, breakdancing (amateur), recently shaolin kung fu, and of course: hacking and reverse engineering. Caustik has had the opportunity to work with companies like Microsoft and more recently the amazing group of folks over in San Diego at DivX Networks (if you know anything about MPEG4 video, you know us)

Here is a picture of caustik enjoying a random visit to punxatawney to see the groundhog celebration!

The Cxbx Developers :: Sop Skrutt

Sop Skrutt is nothing short of "freaking awesome". Vertex buffer unpacking, vertex shader recompilation, automated HLF signature generation, and endless other contributions have made him an extremely valuable member of the team.

The Cxbx Developers :: Kingofc

Lately, a gentleman who goes by the title Kingofc has been lending a lot of help to the Cxbx project. This guy can disappear for days at a time, only to arise suddenly with thousands of lines of fresh C code. It's really quite nice, and Caustik personally appreciates the help! :)

As of right now I dont have a picture of Kingofc, but maybe someday we will know his true identity!

The Cxbx Developers :: Koitsu

If you know anybody in the xbox scene, you ought to know Koitsu. In fact, even if you don't know koitsu, you probably know of his work and don't even realize it. Koitsu is a legendary NT kernel wizard, and has been much much much help to the Cxbx project. Koitsu is also one of the great contributors to the xbox-linux project.